Who are we?

We have been designing, building and installing cast stone fireplace surrounds, kitchen range hoods, architectural details and custom wine cellars in British Columbia since 2001.   Our principals have over 50 years combined experience in art, design and construction.


What is Cast Stone?

Cast stone is a highly refined, precast architectural building material designed to replace cut limestone and sandstone at a fraction of the cost.  The process used in cast stone has been in existence for more than 1200 years, clearly illustrating that it produces a time proven product.  This form of masonry is also the most aesthetically detailed form of precast today and is produced as architectural trim and functional features on buildings and other structures.

Each piece of cast stone is hand made.  The result is superior clarity, detail, beauty, and durability.  There are few limits to designing cast stone pieces, so the possibilities are virtually endless.  Cast stone is typically used extensively in fireplace surrounds, range hood details, stair treads & risers, entries, as well as door and window surrounds.  Further uses are limited only by the imagination of the architect or designer.  Also, cast stone is virtually maintenance free, requiring no painting or special finishes to protect it from the elements or insects.

We have several distinct colours and textures to choose from.  During the manufacturing process, colour is integrated directly into the material, providing a durable finish.  Each unit is lightly sandblasted allowing the natural fines of the material to be exposed, resulting in a lightly textured surface similar to crafted stone.  Textures from smooth to rough are available.

Our designs can be sized to accommodate most existing or newly constructed fireplace openings, either masonry or prefabricated gas units.  Each surround can be tailored to a specific fireplace opening by using our cast stone in-fill panels.  Installation is provided through our factory trained installation crew to assure the highest level of quality possible.  If you have an original design concept, from traditional to modern, or just a picture from a magazine, our designers will be happy to translate your vision into a successful result.

To order, contact us at (604) 462-1125, and a site visit will be arranged to determine your requirements and provide design assistance and pricing.  After these details have been finalized, and a 50% deposit received, in a matter of a few weeks your fireplace surrounds and other cast stone requirements will be complete, providing focal points of distinction!

Our products are warranted to be free from defect. Any defective product will be replaced.  Just as in natural stone, some colour and texture variations are  inherent in the production of cast stone.